Friday, September 23, 2011

Neve's Babushka Party

Our little doll turned 4, so we decided to celebrate by throwing a small Russian nesting doll party for her and her friends.

 I saw this line of Babushka stationary last year and scooped it up, inspired to do a Babushka themed birthday party.  I realized we have a long future of pink girly birthday parties in store for the next few years. So I decided not to relinquish control yet and squeeze in one more birthday party of my theme choice before she started to have an opinion on the matter. Is this when I cackle?

This post isn't about witches though but the iconic sweet Russian nesting doll, the Babushka and this Babushka party was a blast.  Just like Neve's personality.

Once I showed her the doll Neve was on board and for months kept talking about her "Russian doll party."  Once the day finally arrived she was beyond excited to welcome all her friends and start the party!
It doesn't take much to be inspired by these dolls.

The party started at
The Babushka Transformation Station

Homemade aprons and head scarfs for the gals 
& homemade vests and caps(bought) for the boys

The Sweet Babushka Dolls and Russian Boys

The classic game 
of Musical Chairs

of course
Duck,  Duck Goose

Their Duck, Duck Goose running circle 
spontaneously became a run around house game.

"Pin the Bow on the Babushka"
(Vinyl decor available here)

Next we had story time to settle everyone down. 
LOVED this book.  
It ended with the Russian girl rescuing the Prince.
I loved that the girl was the heroine. 

The adorable Russian boys

Make a wish!

(Thank you for the 
free cupcake toppers printables and more!)

Adore the village of women on the internet 
who unknowingly helped me create this party. 
They shared and I copied, thus all the links I am sharing.

Babushka like shaped bottles
(their day job is to store Starbucks iced coffee)
Take off the label and lid and wah la.
Much cheaper than vintage milk bottles.

The Party Favor Bag
Thank you card by Suze Ultman 
(part of the invitation stationary)
homemade bag &doll,
a babushka necklace for the gals
a wooden train for the guys
& of course their fun Russian outfits.

One fun party, & one happy doll. We love you Neve!

As for next year, control relinquished, per Neve's choice,
a ballerina party-bring on the pink!


Kara said...

Love the theme. Loved all the take-aways. LOVE that vinyl line-up. LOOOOOVE that my 4-year-old came home using the word "GUBUSHKA" in, like, every other sentence.

You are amazing! I'm getting excited for the ballerina party (and somewhat intimidated, Master Planner).

slopfam said... sure know how to plan a party!! And I think you gave the best party favors I have ever seen! You are so creative...I wish I had some of that in me! Did you sew everything yourself?!?!

Ann Flint said...

Wow, you are amazing. You are way to organized and well I am just impressed at all of your work. I am tired just looking at all of it. :D Great job Brynnie boo. Did your mom used to call you that, because that just came to mind without thinking about it. Love you. You are great and a great mom!

Mona "Lisa" said...

That is the cutest party I have ever seen! So creative! Love the aprons and hats. You are so talented!! Thanks for sharing. Neve is one lucky girl!! :)

Andrea W. said...

DARLING! This post made me so sad I don't have a little girl to have this party for! Did you have a pattern for your aprons and vests and head-scarves? I'm so impressed! Neve is a doll!

Brynn said...
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Brynn said...

Kara-Whatever, you intimidate people with your talents on a daily basis!

Heather & Andrea-I did sew the aprons, head scarfs, and vests. It was my first sewing experience beyond sewing a square, i.e. curtains, burp cloths etc. I had a pattern for each of them that I found on the internet for free.
Every step along the way I pointed out to Ben what I had done and kept pointing it out until he would praise me. I would then follow with how big a deal this was since I don't normally sew anything that needs a pattern. Pathetic, huh? Poor guy, I think he was counting the days until the party was over, so he could stop faking enthusiam!

Ann -Aww, she did call me Brynnie Boo. Thanks for the memory, I miss that, especially hearing her call me that nickname, because she said it in a such a loving way that only your mother can achieve. Is Colby going to be in town for Thanksgiving?

Lisa-Seriously creativity oozes out of you, and your mother. Thanks for the kind words!

Andrea W. said...

Oh, and I meant to comment that you need to hire yourself out and make tons and tons of money and move back to Utah :)

Pour partager ma mode said...
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